17 May

Discover your wild side with this year’s En Rama…

It’s that time of year again. The sun is starting to make its appearance, it’s getting (slightly) warmer and we’ve received our stock of this year’s limited edition Tio Pepe En Rama!
En Rama is released once a year and roughly translates to ‘raw’ which is exactly what it is; raw sherry in its natural state that hasn’t been filtered or clarified. It has become so popular due to its being as close to a ‘from the cask’ experience as you’ll ever get.  (more…)

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Antonio Flores Sherry
4 May

Make it at home ~ Croquetas de Queso y Jamón recipe

Croquetas, a flavoursome béchamel sauce deep-fried in a crisp coating of finely grated bread crumbs, have a long-standing tradition in Spain as a staple of any tapas bar and tabanco. Although a sought-after snack now, croquetas were originally used as a way of making the most of small amounts of either leftovers or something flavoursome, and were often used by home cooks to demonstrate their skill without needing to purchase expensive ingredients. (more…)

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Ham and cheese croquette recipe and video
14 Feb

Fish tales from the Foss

When you take a walk down modern-day Fossgate, you are presented with an array of independent businesses. Although predominantly bars and restaurants, Fossgate also offers independent gift shops, tailors, clothes retailers, galleries and hairdressers. However, this wasn’t always the case. Had you taken the same walk a hundred and fifty years ago, you would have encountered wall to wall fish mongers. From Medieval times to the end of the 19th Century, Fossgate was known as (more…)

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