As a high profile local independent business, we are frequently approached by different charities looking for support in their fund raising efforts. In the past, we have provided raffle prizes, donations, meal vouchers and other support in an effort to help these charities to boost their funds, but it has largely been reactive rather than proactive.

For 2016 therefore, we have decided to take the initiative by defining & formalising our policy on charitable donations, and this has resulted in our “Charity of the Month” program.

This change in policy has been influenced by our recent involvement in SASH’s “Eat. Drink. Give.” campaign with which we were involved throughout December at our York restaurants.  SASH are a local charity who work to prevent youth homelessness. By collecting a voluntary contribution of just £1 per table during the month, we, along with a handful of other independent York restaurants, hoped to make a significant contribution to such a worthy local charity.

Additionally at Ambiente, for every £1 our customers donated we also decided to match it with a further £1 from our own resources. As a result of this campaign a total of over £10k was raised for SASH by the participating restaurants, which will be used to fund their “Nightstop” initiative for the next 12 months.

Encouraged by the success of this campaign and the generosity of our guests, we have used this experience as a template for our Charity of the Month. The structure will be broadly the same, a voluntary contribution of £1 will be added to all tables which will all go to the nominated charity for that month. All our restaurants will take part and each will top up the final amount with an additional £500 added to the funds. Following the end of the month the proceeds will be issued to that month’s charity.

With our charitable policy now defined, we are now looking for nominations from either local charities, or regional or national charities whose causes have a strong local relevance to the communities in which we trade. Nominations can be made by anyone wishing to put their charity forward and we will choose one charity a month for each restaurant.

Each chosen charity will benefit from:

Inclusion in our marketing output – website links, newsletters & blog posts, social media & in-restaurant promotional literature, thereby increasing awareness of their cause.
A one off payment at the end of the period based on all the £1 donations from customers & an additional top up of £500 from Ambiente

May 2017

The Island

The Island offers support to vulnerable 8 – 13 year-olds in York who are struggling to cope at home, at school, in the wider community, or who are experiencing difficult transitions in their lives. (more…)

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The Island York Charity

May 2017

Buglife – York Urban Buzz

Buglife is devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates and are actively working to save Britain’s rarest (more…)

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Buglife - Fossgate's Charity of the Month

May 2017

Carers Leeds

Carers Leeds is an independent charity that gives support, advice and information to unpaid carers over 18. Established in 1996, their team of expert support workers are dedicated to improving the lives (more…)

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Leeds Carers

May 2017

Her Breast Friends

HER Breast Friends are a local charity supporting local people affected by breast cancer. They support, encourage (more…)

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Her Breast Friends Charity - Hull


If you know of a suitable charity that you would like to nominate, please fill out the application form below.