29 Sep

Sanlucar with the Sherry Crusader!

Our Sherry Crusader, Rob, gives us the low down on Sanlucar; where to go, what to eat and what to drink (hint; sherry!):

I’m a little biased, I know I am and to be honest if you’ve been to Ambiente or spoken to me you’ll know I’m on a sherry crusade. I think Sherry is the most underrated and undervalued wine in the world. Usually when I say this I’ll receive a chorus of “It’s an old lady’s drink” or “why are you calling it wine?” (more…)

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6 May

Culture trip to Spain ~ April 2018

Last year we sent a legion of hungry-for-knowledge Ambiente staff all over Spain to soak up the culture and experience the food, sherry and wine first hand.  We’re keeping it going as we truly believe in providing our staff with as much knowledge and experience as possible. We’ve started 2018 off strong with eight of our staff having just returned from the sherry triangle. On their trip, they visited Jerez de la Fontera, San Lucar de Barrameda and experienced a tour around two renowned sherry bodegas; Gonzalez Byass and Barbadillo! (more…)

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28 Apr

En Rama 2018 – Perfect Harmony

At Ambiente, we truly know Spring has sprung when Tio Pepe’s Fino En Rama is released!

En Rama, an unfiltered & unclarified Sherry, is bottled in spring every year from a limited number of casks. Its unique & fresh ‘straight from the cask’ experience makes this sherry loved by so many and is one of the most exciting times in the sherry world.

Each year’s vintage differs from the next which is why this sherry is so exciting. Often it is the weather that helps determines how this year’s vintage will mature. A cold, dry start to the winter, with a mild end, created a substantial layer of ‘flor’ on the sherry. Flor is a layer of living yeast that protects the sherry from being exposed to air. And with such a layer of flor, it’s no wonder that this year’s En Rama packs a punch. It has plenty of character, is fragrant and has recognisable notes of fresh yeast and bread on the nose, all encased in a bright, golden liquid.

But it isn’t just the sherry that provides a talking point. The bottle hosting this delectable drink really shouldn’t be ignored. This year’s bright blue and beige label, hinting at the salty sea notes of the sherry, touches upon the rich history of the bodega. Gonzales Byass often revisit their history, incorporating and upgrading it into the modern day. And it’s the same with this year’s En Rama label; the medals relate to prizes won in an international agricultural competition in 1837 whilst the font is similar to the chalk writing seen on the barrels in Jerez.

We already love this year’s Tio Pepe En Rama 2018 and can’t wait for you to try it. If you do, make sure it’s served ice cold with some salty nibbles.

En Rama 2018 is now available in our restaurants and is also available in a limited edition fino sherry flight including; Tio Pepe En Rama 2018, Tio Pepe En Rama 2017 and Tio Pepe Fino.

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