16 Nov


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14 Nov

Burgos; the road less travelled…

The rain in Spain ….

We first discovered Burgos, in Northern Spain, around six years ago.

When I say “discovered” I don’t mean it in a Columbus discovering the Americas way, it was more a case of inadvertently stumbling across it.

The circumstances were that we had booked flights in and out of Bilbao with the intention of spending a week touring the (more…)

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29 Sep

Sanlucar with the Sherry Crusader!

Our Sherry Crusader, Rob, gives us the low down on Sanlucar; where to go, what to eat and what to drink (hint; sherry!):

I’m a little biased, I know I am and to be honest if you’ve been to Ambiente or spoken to me you’ll know I’m on a sherry crusade. I think Sherry is the most underrated and undervalued wine in the world. Usually when I say this I’ll receive a chorus of “It’s an old lady’s drink” or “why are you calling it wine?” (more…)

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