Calçotada Dinner



Join us as we pay homage to Spain’s Calçotada festival; a winter feast dedicated to celebrating Catalonia’s famous Calçots (a cross between a leek and a spring onion).

We grill them until they’re charred and then they’re wrapped in newspaper to steam. Then all you do is peel off the charred skin, dip them in romesco sauce, tip your head back and enjoy.

They’re messy, delicious and the ultimate in finger food as they’re eaten with just your hands.

In true Catalonian style, you’ll receive a glass of cava to enjoy with the calçots, followed by a tasting banquet.

We’ll bring the bibs, you bring the company!


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Event details:

Wednesday 26th February 2020, 7pm at Ambiente Tapas Fossgate

Calçots, a banquet, a glass of cava and dessert

£30 per person