The meaning of the Spanish word ‘Ambiente’ roughly translates to the atmosphere of a place. But in Spain, ambiente is something more. To the Spanish, ambiente is a unique sensitivity and experience like no other that takes place whilst frequenting your local ‘tabanco’ with friends or celebrating in Spanish style.

Which is what we want to emulate for you as soon as you walk into any of our independent restaurants. We’re independent and our four local restaurants, based in York, Leeds and Hull, can cater to whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether that is somewhere to celebrate with friends and family, a cozy corner to enjoy some tapas or two or just relax over some lunch.

Our food offering is honest and is freshly cooked on a daily basis. You won’t find a microwave in any of our kitchens! And our ingredients are locally sourced where possible, except for our authentic Spanish ingredients which are sourced directly from high quality producers in Spain.

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